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01. Tropic of Cancer by The Modern Art (from The Modern Art, 2004)
02. The Acqisition and Control of Fire by John Zorn (from Locus Solus, 1983)
03. Soyuz by Appliance (from Manual, 1999)
04. Morceau En Forme De Pinces by Klimperei and Pierre Bastien (from Mécanologie Portative, 1998)
05. Walk In The Woods by Ivor Slaney (from Terror/Prey, 2009; originally from the Prey O.S.T., 1978)
06. Horn Fass I by Harold Sack Ziegler (from Zehn Meter Langes Regal Kippte Um, 1990)
07. Pancakes Soaked, Started Bucking by Ritualistic School of Errors (from Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps for First-Rate Ladies, 2009)
08. Trip 2 by Shinobu Nemoto (from Melting Loop Trip, 2010)
09. Im Raum by Dieter Moebius (from Blotch, 1999)
10. Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life by The Residents (from Radion Special, 1977)
11. Incantation Contrepoint Guitare by Reuter (from the compilation TsukuBoshi Xmas 2007, 2007)
12. Squeezi by Man Jumping (from Jumpcut, 1984)
13. Ra°ilcar J_ms (for WH) by RxRy (from O (Omega), 2010)
14. Closet Astrologer by The Ruby Suns (from Fight Softly, 2009)


01. Funky Tiste by Mouse On Mars (from Glam, 1998)
02. Dressing The Wound by Peter Gabriel (from Birdy, 1985)
03. Through the Loop by Atrium Carceri (from Phrenitis, 2009)
04. West by Endless Endless Endless (from Things I Saw, 2010)
05. New Beyond by Isotope 217 (from Utonian Automatic, 1999)
06. Trioon II by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto (from Vrioon, 2002)
07. Opening Bell by Tyondai Braxton (from Central Market, 2009)
08. Will Get Fooled Again by Max Tundra (from Parallax Error Beheads You, 2008)
09. Filmosonic XL by Efterklang (from Springer, 2003)
10. Bilgenratte by Conrad Schnitzler and Wolf Sequenza (from Consequenz, 1980)
11. Noise Of Carpet by Stereolab (from Oscillons From The Anti-Sun, 2005)
12. Oscillate by Endless Endless Endless (from Black Talisman, 2009)
13. Haliod Xerrox Copy 9 by Alva Noto (from Xerrox Vol.1, 2007)


01. Low Level (Listening), Part 3 by Stars Of The Lid (from Per Aspera Ad Astra, 1998)
02. Wa Hoooa by Conrad Schnitzler and Michael Otto (from Micon In Italia, 1986)
03. Eroïca by Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry (from Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul, 1950)
04. Adrenalin by Throbbing Gristle (from Heathen Earth: The Live Sound of TG, 1980)
05. I by Flica (from Windvane & Window, 2008)
06. Carbona by Nocturnal Emissions (from Friction And Dirt, 1996)
07. Filer by Richard Chartier (from the compilation Clciks & Cuts 2, 2001)
08. Figurehead by The Cure (from their fifth Peel Session on January 4, 1982)
09. BLAM!! by Swell Maps (from A Trip To Marineville, 1979)
10. There's Only One! by Tones On Tail (from Everything!, 1998, originally from There's Only One! 12", 1982)
11. Shimmer by Bitcrush (from Shimmer and Fade, 2008)
12. untitled by Neu! (from Vinyl Box, 2010, originally recorded May 6th, 1972)
13. For Your Pleasure by Roxy Music (from For Your Pleasure, 1973)
14. The Fourth Crucifixion by The Residents (from Baby Sex, 1971)